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Super Easy to Make Chinese Egg Fried Rice

Today I made a new dish! I call it #shanstuffedchickenfriedrice. It was super easy to make with @shanfoodsglobal masala. If you followed along in my stories you would have seen me making it step by step. If you missed it, I’ll save it in my highlights. But for now here is my recipe:

3 tri colored bell peppers
1-2 peeled carrots
5-6 cloves of garlic
A bunch of green onions
3/4 of a cabbage
Salt and Pepper to taste
Crushed pepper for extra spice ness
2 boneless pieces of chicken
2 egg whites
1 cup Rice
1/2 packet Shan Chinese Egg Fried Rice Masala

1. Soak rice for 20-25 minutes then boil ( don’t forget to add 1 tsp salt)
2. Marinate the chicken with Shan’s garlic and ginger paste, salt and pepper. Then cut chicken into small bite size cubes.
3. Chop all vegetables
4. Sauté the chicken first then set aside
5. Then scramble and fry the egg, leave it in the wok while you then sauté all the vegetables with light oil.
6. After that mix the chicken back in to the vegetables and add the Shan Chinese Egg Fried Rice packet into the chicken and vegetables. Once it’s mixed add the boiled rice and lightly stir together.

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