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How I Learned to Cook Like Home

Living abroad all my life, I love going to Pakistan during the holidays. I missed everything about the country; my family, the shopping and most of all, the food. During my holidays, I saw how my aunts and grandmother would all discuss what meals would be made each day and how much fun they get while preparing those meals. I saw how everyone appreciated the different flavors present on the table and how the food brought everyone together. Meal times were definitely my favorite of the day since they brought so much joy to everyone and bonded us together as a family.

Back here at home, I always looked for something similar, something that brought people together when they came over to my house. I learnt how to cook food from my family back in Pakistan, where they taught me that the flavors are what matter and should be strong enough to remind you of the people, country and memories you love. It was a little difficult here, where it’s so hard to find masala’s that make good food great food, but I was determined to emulate the food I loved eating in Pakistan. I switched masalas numerous times, going for different brands or sometimes just going organic, but nothing really clicked until I found and settled with Shan Masalas. Probably it’s safe to say that every time I used Shan masala, my Cooking experience improved every time and it tastes better than before.

My food here now is just like my family’s in Pakistan, and I’ve hosted multiple dinner parties bringing people together, through the joy of great food.


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