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the finest blends Spicing up food with exceptional taste & quality

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the finest blends Spicing up food with exceptional taste
& quality

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Shan Foods instant cooking recipe
  • Ginger Garlic Paste

    The taste of homegrown natural foods can never be replaced. Just like the homely taste of Shan’s Ginger Garlic paste, with real ginger and garlic!

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  • Shan Simmer Sauces | Available in 12 Exciting Variants 1

  • Bihari Kabab

  • Chicken Tikka


This Ramadan Mubarak,

Shan is giving out 50 free Blessing in Box to nominated users. Do you want to nominate anyone? If so fill in the form below.

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Shan Healthy Lifestyle TASTE is a way to say who you are
without having to speak

Blessings Box Full Of Spices, Recipe Mixes And Pickle.

I have always felt grateful for the opportunity that living here offers in terms of being able to be a part of multicultural celebrations. I cooked this elaborate meal over the weekend reminiscent of the iftaris we seldom got invited to during the month of Ramzan. |Read more|

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Shan Blessings in a Box – The Perfect Time

My mom, among many things, is also an amazing cook. She has this way of just whipping up almost anything and making the whole process look so easy! I can’t be around her this Ramadan, but I was craving her food, and this ‘blessings in a box’ . |Read more|

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